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Monster Hunt 2

Wuba leaves his human parents and sets out on his own journey through the monster realm.
  • Release Date2/2018
  • DistributorLionsgate
  • GenreSci-Fi Adventure
  • Est. Production Cost $150 million
US Box Office$740Est. US Film Rentals$348
Foreign Box Office$361,120Est. Foreign Film Rentals$144,448
World Box Office$361,860Est. World Film Rentals$144,796

Note: Film Rentals is the amount received by Distributors from Theaters/Exhibitors. A film's profitability may be assessed when estimated world film rentals approach/equal/exceed estimated production cost. DVD, Television, Digital and Ancillary revenues are then added and production, marketing and other costs deducted (Cost variables may affect this calculation).


Raman Hui


Music Supervisor(s)
Leon Ko